about me + my project

instagram: @girlboyzines
graham sitting on his bed in front of a typewriter, a canopy covered in notes and a wall with various colorful posters n the backgroundphoto by maria delgado, @hottpinkbitch on instagram

my name is graham and i'm a 19 year old from the sacramento area but currently living in san francisco. i've been making zines for over 3 years now and it has truly changed my life for the better. i made my 'loudmouth' series for 2 years over the course of 10 issues and now i am publishing under a new name, 'girlboy zines'. girlboy zines is the most honest art i have made to date and will only keep improving. it's not a riot grrrl zine or a fanzine, it's just my brain on paper. it is trans and dykey and tender and gentle and rough and complex and beautiful and warm. it is girl and it is boy. i am forever grateful for everybody who loved loudmouth and i hope you have stuck around to love girlboy too.